Climate Innovation Funding Tracker

EDF presents a new approach to tracking and visualizing U.S. federal climate innovation funding.
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About the Climate Innovation Funding Tracker

Innovation is critical to developing and deploying the new and improved solutions we need to combat the climate crisis. For the first time, EDF has collected available information on climate innovation funding at key climate-related federal agencies to provide a more comprehensive picture of U.S. federal climate innovation spending. We hope the Climate Innovation Funding Tracker will help to bring greater clarity of today’s funding priorities and enable a deeper understanding of the path ahead to create the next generation of climate solutions.

The current version of the Tracker includes appropriations funding data for FY21 for the Department of Energy, Agriculture, and Transportation. EDF plans to expand the Tracker over time to include additional agencies, years, and funding vehicles.

EDF’s Perspective

In Highlights & Insights, EDF analysts break down the latest climate innovation funding numbers and what they mean for addressing climate change.

Highlights & Insights

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For more details on climate innovation and to learn about how we collected and analyzed the data for the Tracker, visit our Definitions & Methodology page.

Definitions & Methodology